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Great Relationships Education Center

Are you tired of relationships that aren’t working, of feeling overwhelmed or depressed, of being in and out of one dead end relationship after another? Are you looking for relationship counseling in Colorado Springs with a therapist who can truly help and support you as you work to change your life?

Welcome to the Great Relationship Education Center website, and congratulations for taking the first (and sometimes most difficult) step toward making positive changes in your life! Shopping for a therapist can be stressful. How do you choose the right person with whom you may end up sharing extremely personal information? Your therapist needs to be someone you trust, and with whom you feel completely safe. I have been doing individual and relationship counseling in Colorado Springs for over 12 years with individuals and couples. The couples I work with address issues including communication, infidelity, parenting, finances, intimacy and conflict, among others. I also do therapy and life-coaching with individuals on issues including trauma (often using EMDR which is a very powerful, proven modality), depression, work-related issues, relationships, anxiety and other life challenges. I use proven effective practices and techniques to help my clients. With my help, my clients set specific goals for both individual and couples therapy that we measure on a regular basis to ensure that the counseling is helping and is making a difference. Couples also create goals so that we can measure progress on the goals they have set for improving their relationship. My work with clients is primarily focused on solutions: What is going on now that they don’t like; how they want their lives and relationships to be different and better; and getting them to that new and better state as quickly as possible.

This website is designed to help you get to know me and the services I offer well enough to know if you want to take the next step. I am always happy to offer a free 1/2 hour consult with potential clients so that we can determine together if your needs and my services are a good fit, so please feel free to call anytime.

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