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Do you want to let go of old and new emotional wounds rapidly and completely, and finally have peace with those issues?

  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic tool that has been used successfully for about 25 years.

EMDR therapy is best known for its effectiveness in helping people overcome trauma such as child abuse or neglect, accidents, losses, and assaults. Whether those traumas were large or small, EMDR therapy quickly helps people come to peace with what happened. While no one knows exactly how EMDR works, it seems to use the same healing mechanism that rapid eye movement does while one sleeps, helping us process and resolve events in our life. It also works beautifully to help people attain goals, strengthen personal resources such as confidence, overcome fears and anxieties, and feel greater love and peace toward others.

I use EMDR with many of my clients. Some clients see me specifically for EMDR. I usually need to meet with clients at least one or two times to obtain a sufficient history and understanding of target issues before proceeding. In some cases EMDR works in just one session, but usually takes 3-5 sessions to complete a target. If the “target” leads to other “targets” or is more complicated, EMDR could take more sessions than that. I couple EMDR with good talk therapy that includes solution-focused plans for future success. See Solution-Focused & Narrative Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families for more information about this.

Research on EMDR treatment has been extensive and well conducted. Click here for more information on EMDR.