Life and Executive Coaching

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How would you like to finally achieve those important life and work goals?

Life Coaching:  Life coaching is a process in which I coach and help my client achieve specific important life goals which they have heretofore been unable to achieve. In the quadrant below, you can see that our time and attention is pulled in four different directions. We first make time for things that are both important and urgent, such as a medical emergency. Then we tend to get things done that feel urgent, but may actually not be very important. For example, how often do we interrupt a family dinner to answer the phone or door only to find it is an unwelcome solicitor? Unfortunately, often the goals in our lives that are truly important, such as beginning or completing a degree, achieving personal health, fitness, and self-care, are the goals that never receive our attention because they are not urgent.



Covey’s Time Management Matrix





Crises, pressing problems, deadlines





Value-driven, prevention, planning, vision work



Phone calls & mail, some paperwork


Busywork, Time wasters, TV, internet


As an executive coach and life coach, I help clients move into box II and finally address important life goals by helping them break large and/or overwhelming goals down into small, manageable pieces. I then provide structure, support, continuity and accountability to ensure that clients complete the goals.

Executive Coaching:  As an executive coach for over 20 years, I have have had extensive experience working with executives and managers from most business sectors, as well as from education and non-profit organizations.  I have coached executives at every level – from new managers to CEOs.  As an executive coach, I have a suite of assessments I use, including various proven 360° assessments and personality assessments such as MBTI.

Executive and life coaching is usually conducted using phone, Internet and fax consults. It begins with a 60 minute telephone consult to identify coaching goals, and then usually involves 30 minute consults once per week. Faxes and emails are usually exchanged during the week to ensure that you are staying on track. I also offer coaching for women in the context of a hike, which is further explained on the Coaching Hikes for Women page. My fees for coaching are explained on the Fees page of this website. Additionally, I always welcome phone calls and a 30 minute free consult so that we can further discuss these services, and determine if my services would be a good fit for your needs.