Coaching Hikes for Women

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How nice would it be to hike the beautiful foothills of Colorado Springs while developing a plan that will truly work to finally achieve those important life goals that you never seem to get around to?

Women often need to be excellent multi-taskers, and Coaching Hikes for Women is a great way to multi-task.  During Hike Counseling Therapy, women exercise, work on important life goals, and enjoy the beautiful natural environment and the inspiration it offers, all at the same time. We decide together where and when we will hike, and plan for a 50 minute hike.


Hike therapy clients arrive at the hike meeting place with a specific goal in mind, such as “I want to truly exercise on a regular basis.” We then hike, talk about the goal, create an overall plan, create a plan for the next week, take a few notes, huff and puff a bit, and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. By the end of the hike you will have at least three actions that you will be encouraged and supported to complete during the week and before the next counseling therapy session (whether that session is a hike or phone call).


I have helped clients complete dissertations, find and maintain true self-care, embark on new careers, and drastically reduce the craziness in their lives. It CAN be done, and can definitely be done during an exhilarating hike. For Hike Therapy fees, see the Fees page of this website.