Narrative Therapy

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Did you know that you are not the problem, and that you already have the solutions to your problems?

Solution-Focused & Narrative Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

Solution-focused therapy involves helping you determine exactly how you’d like your life to change, and then helping you get there using strengths and experiences you already have. I ask questions such as:
What will be different in your life when you have x?

How will you know when you are doing x, what exactly will you be doing differently from what you are currently doing?

When was a time that you were doing x? What were you doing then that you aren’t doing now? How were you doing that?

Which of these can you do this week? What might get in your way of doing these, and how will you overcome these barriers?

I also use a powerful therapeutic approach called narrative therapy. This type of work helps you find the exceptions to your problems, and helps you use the rich information that lies within those exceptions. Here is a small sampling of narrative questions:

What will be the first sign that you are doing x?

Who will be the first to notice that you are doing x? What will they see, hear, feel that is different from your current way of being?

If y is the problem, when was a time in your life when y wasn’t present? What was different about that time?

How much control does y currently have over your life? How does y do that? What tricks does y use?

As an eclectic therapist, I draw on many other therapeutic models and techniques as well. Just as I strive to help clients fill their emotional tool box with helpful, well honed tools, I too use a box full of well sharpened, useful tools.